According to Dr Bohaira Elgeyoushi, Reproductive Medicine & IVF Consultant, Medcare Fertility Center in Dubai, around 50 million couples worldwide experience infertility problems. ‘One of the main reasons of infertility is lifestyle and delay in childbearing, forgetting that there is a constantly ticking biological clock. The stress of infertility can lead to depression in couples and put a huge amount of strain on an already fragile relationship.’

Most often women experience higher levels of stress and anxiety than men. ‘There is data to suggest that stress and depression are directly linked to lower success rates. Most fertility clinics offer fertility counselling and psychological support services for couples. The fertility journey can be an emotional roller coaster ride whether for simple treatments as ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination or advance treatments as IVF and ICSI. On the other hand, some depressive disorders can disrupt essential hormones that are involved in the fertility process with disorders of the thyroid, prolactin levels and even uncontrolled diabetes. Couples are adviced to seek medical help as soon as possible to prevent depression and compromising fertility treatments.”