Dr Sarah Rasmi, licensed psychologist & managing director of the Dr Sarah Rasmi Wellness Centre, says many people approach the summer holidays with a mixture of excitement and fear. ‘People are excited to have to time off but afraid of how they are going to fill all of that time! Tourists often feel pressured to squeeze in as many sights as they can while capturing it all on camera.

Those who go home for the holidays often feel obligated to spend all of their time with the family and friends who they don’t get to see during the year. Parents have the added pressure of finding ways to keep their children entertained during the long and hot summer months. Our social connections are the key to our well-being, according to some studies, including the Harvard Study of Adult Development. However, you do not need to attend every gathering. Make time each day to do something that you enjoy. Put down the camera and enjoy the moment instead. Research shows that we remember our vacations better when we are taking it in, rather than experiencing it from behind the lens.’