Q: How do I use different accessories to recreate varied looks with my favourite suit?

A question we often have on our minds when we get dressed is whether anyone would notice that we are repeating an outfit? We all do it and there is no shame in it, but doing it in a smart way and playing with different accessories can make your outfit varied.

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Here’s how to accessorise your way to success.

Cufflinks: Both ornamental and functional, cufflinks are the ‘formal jewellery’ to your formal or semiformal wear. At a reunion or birthday party it may pay to wear novelty cufflinks; just remember, even if you go for rugby boots or coin cufflinks, make sure they’re silver in colour and good quality. Watch out for sub-standard cufflinks that cheapen your ensemble. This is not the look you’re going for, no matter how casual the event.

Pocket square: Surprisingly easy and undeniably stylish, the pocket square is a solid bet for accessorising. There’s the elegance and sophistication it brings and there’s also the dash of personality and individual style it can inject. It can update a suit from good to great with that perfect splash of colour.

Tie: Ties can really make an outfit your own because you can be as safe or as daring as you wish. The rules of matching your clothes to your frame are sometimes forgotten here. A broad man should consider a slightly wider tie, while slimmer guys can go for a narrow design. No matter what, when it comes to the tie’s length, it should always hit your waist or belt. We recommend ties in navy and burgundy silk, as well as classic prints such as paisley.

Belt: All tailors will tell you that the sign of a well-tailored trouser is that you don’t need to wear a belt. Your bespoke suit should fit like a glove, rendering the belt obsolete. However, if your trousers have belt loops and you favour this look, invest in a belt crafted from quality leather. Ensure a classic, fuss-free buckle and that the colour goes well with your shoes.

Gary Sweeney is brand manager of Ascots & Chapels, bespoke tailors with locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Got a problem? Our fantastic panel of renowned experts is available to answer all your questions related to fashion, well-being, nutrition, finance and hypnotherapy. Email your queries to friday@gulfnews.com.