<#comment>What are the qualifications required to become a consultant cardiologist?

Doctors who have specialised in the condition and treatment of heart diseases and the cardio vascular system are known as cardiologists. Not only do cardiologists treat heart-related conditions but they also counsel and advise pa-tients on how to prevent these conditions.

Being an extremely challenging career it is advisable you sit for a psychometric test before you embark on this journey. In addition to the technical skills required, a cardiologist is often required to take critical decisions and remain calm under extreme pressure. A steady hand, attention to detail, sense of empathy and being prepared for being called to duty at any time of the day or night are other attributes required for a successful cardiologist.

Aspiring cardiologists need to first obtain a bachelor’s degree in medicine and then enroll for specialisation.

In the UK, universities that teach the medical program are attached to hospitals, allowing students to practice clinical medicine whilst studying.

Students should study chemistry, biology and maths in high school and get top grades. In addition, all medical schools need students to write either the UKCAT or BMAT which are aptitude tests designed to test the analytical skills, mental abilities, professional behaviour and attitude of the aspiring doctor.

You must supplement your academic qualifications with internships and volunteering work. This could include care for elders, animal care or special needs or work in hospitals/clinics. A research paper should give you the extra edge re-quired to differentiate you from other candidates.

Students applying to med-schools have to also attend an interview which to show their knowledge, compassion for the people and interest in the subject. Applicants called for interview will face searching questions about their motiva-tion, their work at school, hobbies and personal interests, as well as having to produce evidence of their academic and extra-curricular achievements. A key question will be your reason for wanting to become a doctor.