I have pain in my left shoulder and right heel since the last six months. My blood reports are normal. I struggle to even lift my left hand to wash or tie my hair.

Adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder, is a condition characterised by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder begins gradually, worsens over time and then resolves, usually within one to three years. Frozen shoulder can occur after an injury or prolonged immobilisation of your shoulder. Frozen shoulder occurs when the joint capsule thickens and tightens around the shoulder joint, restricting its movement. People with other health conditions like — diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and thyroid diseases, may have an increased risk of developing frozen shoulder. It typically develops slowly, and in three stages. Each of these stages can last a few months:

1. Painful stage: pain occurs with any movement and shoulder’s range of motion starts to become limited.

2. Frozen stage: pain may diminish, however, shoulder becomes stiffer and range of motion decreases.

3. Thawing stage: range of motion begins to improve.

Plantar fasciitis involves pain and inflammation of a thick band of tissue, which runs across the bottom of foot connecting heel bone to toes. It is caused by putting too much pressure on the pads of the feet, usually over a long period of time causing repeated damage. Half of plantar fasciitis cases also develop a small bony projection formed on the heel bone named Calcaneal spur.

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Women above the age of 40 are at risk of developing plantar fasciitis and frozen shoulder; both problems can go chronic and require a few weeks of treatment under supervision. Both problems are considered as a Vata imbalance (Vyana Vata) in Ayurveda. A similar treatment strategy can help in both cases. Ayurveda offers best treatment for musculo-skeletal problems; meet an Ayurveda doctor with all your reports.

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