Q: My teenage daughter has a lot of split ends. Any methods to prevent them and get rid of them? 

Almost everyone has split-end hairs;  they occur when your hair becomes dry and brittle. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, blow-drying, straightening, curling and chemical hair products may also cause split ends. Those living in areas with lots of sun, dry heat and little humidity will find that their hair is drier than that of people in tropical, humid areas. Malnutrition also makes the hair dry, brittle and damaged.

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Split ends can’t be repaired and the only option is trimming the hair. Hair moisturising masks may help to cover up split ends or help prevent them.

Your daughter could try some of the below:

• Do not shampoo-wash hair on a daily basis. Choose natural shampoos that contain no harsh ingredients. A paste of hibiscus leaves can as a natural shampoo. Rice water is also another option.

• Chlorinated water can also cause dry hair and split ends; mix one tablespoon Amla (Indian gooseberry) powder in two litres of water and boil. After cooling, this can be used for washing hair. Remember to wash with cold water as hot water increases frizz.

• Use a conditioner after shampooing or use a leave-in conditioner. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair; limit services such as colouring, blow-drying and chemical straightening.

• Try applying egg mixed with curd to your hair around 30 minutes before washing. To prevent split ends, apply lemon juice on the ends of hair.

• Ayurvedic oils like Kunthalakanthi thailam, Thriphaladi keram are also effective hair oils. Do a steam towel wrap once in a fortnight, as steaming opens the pores and absorbs the oil.

• Beat an egg yolk until frothy, add a teaspoon of castor oil then beat again while adding a cup of water. Massage into the scalp and throughout your hair and rinse well.

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Dry hair and split ends can be a sign that your diet is lacking in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can be found in walnuts and flax seeds. Ensure a hair-healthy diet that includes good source of proteins, calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium and biotin. If the condition is severe, consult an ayurvedic practitioner.

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