Q: I've been reading about the importance of mindfulness – that teaching it to children in the early years is essential for holistic growth. Your opinion?

A: Mindfulness means bringing the awareness of thoughts and feelings back to the present as one accepts their current emotions. This is not only essential for adults but also young children who are developing rapidly each day.

Between the ages of 2 and 10 years, the brain of a child begins developing and absorbing vast skills and concepts. A good educational setting focuses on providing holistic education that not only emphases on EQ but also IQ of a child.

Mindfulness in children is a part of social-emotional learning. Specialised educational settings not only focus on academic performance, but also promote social-emotional education to children. A balance of both worlds is vital for them to have a happy and transformational future. Trained experts who deliver mindfulness curriculum and tools at schools encourage children to become more aware of their emotions and truly live the moment far from anxiety and fears. There are multiple devices through which experts implement Mindfulness in classrooms. Some techniques include outdoor meditation, simple breathing exercises, mindful eating, sensory experiences in interactive classrooms, and so on. Such tools teach kids to be more compassionate and grateful from a young age and supports their psychological and personality development.

Research reveals that introducing mindfulness at a young age has myriad benefits. It builds extraordinary social skills and empathy in kids and promotes academic success as they are more focused and resilient. Mindfulness also boosts self-confidence in kids. It increases their overall concentration in other activities. It aids emotional regulation, and they tend to grow up as more compassionate and kind individuals.

It’s practical to choose a preschool with a curriculum that will help your child excel their academics but communizing Mindfulness at a young age helps the little ones to truly quench their thirst for curiosity as they learn and grow.

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