I have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Should I start taking metformin?

Absolutely not. Diet and exercise are always the first line of action. Here is what happens when you start metformin. Most people start to take the medication and give themselves the permission to still eat what they like. Since the basic habit of eating the wrong foods does not change, over time most people tend to need more medication or a higher dose to bring levels down.

Eventually, injecting insulin is the only cure. When you have borderline diabetes, it is important to have a look at the HBA1C and change your diet accordingly. Even a regular walk will help initially. Both of these should bring your sugar levels down to normal in four weeks without needing any medication.

Borderline sugar levels are nothing but a wake-up call that if you heed can help you from a lifetime of other Syndrome X diseases — a cluster of abnormalities caused by a high intake of refined carbohydrates and which could lead to hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and glucose intolerance — and massive amount of medication to cure it.

If you have borderline diabetes, focus on eating fat first thing in the morning, followed by high fibre, lower carb (not Keto) higher fat, high omega 3, moderate protein diet.

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Letting go of gluten and dairy and keeping its consumption down to 20 per cent of your diet will really help as well. Both these foods have an effect on sugar levels negatively for most people. Making small changes daily to your lifestyle can have a dramatic positive effect on your health. So, focus on those instead of popping a pill.

Consult a physician/dietician who will provide you with a proper diet plan.

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