I’ve just acquired an apartment. How can I redesign my space in an economical way?

The good news is that redesigning need not be a bank-breaking activity. Creative use of space, adding splashes of colour with accessories or accent walls of tiles or faux wood planks, as well as simple furniture reorganisation can dramatically revamp and refresh your décor.

There are plenty of ways to go about it. Use of mirrors, for one, helps to alter the perception of proportion, while curtains and cushions in bold shades create an interesting focal point in a room.

Fusion décor — adding leather and metallic detailing to classical décor spaces, or an art deco chaise lounge to an otherwise minimalist look — are all inexpensive ways to redesign. Other ways could include use of statement pieces, directional lighting, heritage artifacts, or reupholstering.

Whether it is the texture of a carpet, in contrast to the floor, or the choice of colours and fabrics that filter the natural light entering a room, designing a space is about indulging the senses. Let your inspiration be your guide and allow your personality and taste to reflect in your living spaces — you may be surprised at how easy and budget-friendly it can be to let your creativity lead the way.

All statements are a blend of harmony and contrast. Embellish the natural ambience of your space by reinforcing it or draw the eye by placing a counterpoint in the perfect spot.

Use lighter shades and wispy materials to brighten a smaller space or draw a larger room into the coziness of more earthy and lush hues. Creating a space that reflects and echoes your distinct disposition is about having fun with your intuition.

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