I am overweight and have been trying to shed some fat. To that end, I have been having fruit for breakfast for some time now. Yet, I have not been able to lose weight. What could be the problem?

The first thing you need to do is find out the reason you have extra weight to lose.

One of the major reasons people struggle with weight loss issues is because of their body’s inability to handle carbohydrates. Fruit is loaded with carbohydrates and a whole lot of minerals and vitamins. Eating too much fruit and especially replacing one of your big meals of the day with a bowlful of fruit could actually be counter-productive to your plans to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Breakfast is one meal where you can get nutrients such as protein and good fats from food like eggs, avocados and protein oatmeal, among others. If you replace the first meal of the day with just carbohydrates from fruit, your sugar levels will rise very quickly before dropping within an hour making you super hungry.

You will notice the difference in hunger levels when you eat fruit instead of say, eggs. Eggs will keep your sugar levels stable and help you feel fuller for longer.

You can have fruit as a snack or have a bowl of fruit pre- or post- workout.

If you are planning to lose weight, you should start your day by having a tablespoon of fat in the form of coconut oil, ghee or butter. This helps to keep your fat-making hormone, insulin, stable. As a result you will not have massive sugar cravings and your hunger hormones stay at bay too.