Q: I shall finish school next year and would like to explore the possibility of studying law, specifically in England. Your advice?

A: Law is the third most popular subject area for university students in the UK, but unlike the US, the UK offers law as an undergraduate degree. One option for studying law in university is a three-year undergraduate degree, which at most universities is referred to as an LLB degree and the master degree in law as LLM (Master of Law).

Wherever you want to take your career in law, in the UK you need to start with an UG law degree. From here you have clear postgraduate options available:

• LLM: Master of Laws degree

• LPC: to become a solicitor you can go onto a Legal Practice Course

• BPTC: a Bar Professional Training Course is another option for barristers

Along with the English law, the LLB degree also offers EU law and international law as additional topics.

Entry to an undergraduate law program is fairly competitive and top universities require a high standard of specific academic achievement, along with English language skills. On completion you could identify areas of specialisation ranging from tax, criminal, corporate, patent and medical.

In addition to Oxbridge, and LSE, top-tier schools in the UK include UCL, Durham, Kings College, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

In the US, the primary degree of law is JD or Juris Doctor (a PG qualification) and can be studied after completing a bachelor in any subject. A bachelor’s degree in economics, history or international studies would dovetail seamlessly for this course. You could specialise in international law or comparative law even if you are not a citizen of America and plan to work overseas.

Studying law in one country and practicing it in another requires lots of forward planning as each country has its own set of rules and procedures governing foreign-trained lawyers.

International law relevant to world bodies like the UN and the EU are examples where country-bound laws lose significance. In such instances the relevance of specialisation is crucial as the spectrum in international law can range from international trade to international relations to international criminal issues.

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