Q: I have a small concrete balcony. Any tips to decorate it?

A: For most apartment dwellers, balconies come with a concrete floor, a standard paving material in construction. But that does not mean your concrete balcony needs to be boring. Rethinking what the surface is like, and creating framed areas with different textures, can help revive a balcony and create a more interesting outdoor living space. Using your imagination, and some props and tools, it’s easy to recreate a garden retreat right there in the relatively small ‘footprint’ of your balcony.

You could choose to enhance the environs around the concrete floor by adding elements in harmony with its textures, like white pebbles and stones for a Zen effect. A rustic plaid runner on the floor can bring out the “outdoorsy” feel of concrete, while adding a touch of warmth and colour.

Use plants of different sizes and heights, in colourful pots and pans. To save floor space, use hanging planters or wall rails at varied heights to create a feature wall. Be sure to add some flowering plants, and some with different shades of foliage to make for an attractive and welcoming outdoor space.

Wall vines are a great way to decorate the balcony walls in natural foliage. Make sure you have support brackets in place to let the vine roll across gracefully. Wood-panelling a corner of the balcony is also a sure way to up the luxe quotient — choose from a dark opulent walnut to a rich deep birch. Wood textured tiles work to the same effect while also being easy on the budget.

Wrought iron furniture with brightly coloured seats, or a corner bench piled high with textured cushions and pillows, and a retractable hammock, can add a resort-like feel to a standard balcony. If you have the space, a small L-shaped sofa with a hand-woven rug below can make for a cosy tea corner outdoors.

A water feature not only brings soothing sounds to your balcony, but it also serves as an interesting focal point of your balcony garden, not to mention an attractive watering hole for birds!

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