I was told sprouted grains are better than unsprouted. Is this true?

Yes, sprouted grains are simply better for the gut and the whole body because they are much easier to digest, especially if you have issues with your gut. Sprouted grains have been soaked in water until they begin to germinate, releasing enzymes such as amylase in the process. These enzymes break down the starch in grain, making it easier to digest.

Sprouting is great because it helps to unlock valuable nutrients, making them much easier for our bodies to absorb and digest.

The process of sprouting grains neutralises enzyme inhibitors as well as sugars that can cause fermentation and gas in the gut.

Many people who experience gas and bloating from regular bread do not have this same reaction eating sprouted bread. In sprouted grains, gluten is also pre-digested, making it easier on the gut. It is for this reason that sprouted grains may be easier to eat for those who are slightly gluten-sensitive. However it’s not recommended for someone with a true gluten allergy.

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When a grain is sprouted, the concentration of fibre is increased. Fibre is important for gut health including elimination and detoxification of the colon. The higher fibre content also helps with better population of good bacteria in your gut, making your mind and body healthier and happier.

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