Q: I am wearing dentures for a number of years and I miss eating chewy foods that I love. What options do I have?

If you are wearing full dentures for a number of years, I assume that some amount of jaw bone might be already resorbed. For many people (though this might not be necessarily true in every case), the dentures get loose since there is not much jaw bone support to grip the dentures well. This means your dentures are possibly rocking when you bite, making it difficult or sometimes even impossible to chew even moderately hard foods like an apple or meat.

Several options are available for you. If your dentures aren’t fitting very well then it might be time to get a relining done of your old dentures. This is possible if the dentures don’t fit well but are fine in every other aspect. If there are several problems like worn out teeth on the denture then it might be time to get new dentures made which might be a second option.

A third option might be to convert your dentures to implant retained dentures. This is a fairly simple option with minimal time and moderate cost which can be done by just inserting two implants per jaw for added grip and stability on your dentures.

A final option and probably the most natural one, would be to replace the dentures completely with an implant supported fixed bridge. This can be done with a minimum of four implants per jaw (also called the all-on-4 technique). This can usually be done with temporary fixed teeth on the same day and the permanent fixed teeth can be delivered within a week. This option might cost a bit more than the others, but most people find it the most satisfying of all methods of tooth replacement. The final decision is best taken after a comprehensive consultation with a panaromic Xray and possibly a CBCT scan after which you will have a fair idea of which option will work the best for you.

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