Q: I am considering pursuing my postgraduate studies in Ireland. Do you think it is a good idea?

A: Even prior to the pandemic, Ireland was at the forefront in promoting its tertiary education to international students. A relative newcomer to international education, Ireland has witnessed growth rates in excess of 50 per cent in the last five years and currently it is estimated there are about 32,000 international students studying in the country majority from the Americas, China, Malaysia, India and Saudi Arabia.

While the affordable cost of education is an important factor, the driving force behind this increase is the possibility of gainful employment and eventually permanent residency for international students after graduation. International students completing advanced degrees in Ireland may now stay for up to 24 months to seek employment and subsequently apply for a further work permit or residency. They can also look for job opportunities in other countries in Europe.

Universities in the Republic of Ireland are some of Europe’s most respected with a well-earned reputation for academic excellence and research. The local populace are known to be friendly and welcoming. Home to Trinity College Dublin (one of the oldest universities in the world), University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, University of Limerick and host of technical institutions, Ireland offers undergraduate programs for three years, while majority of postgraduate programs are for one year. Compared to other traditional destinations cost of education in Ireland tends to be more affordable. In addition, cost of living, especially outside Dublin, is estimated to be 20 per cent lower than USA and UK.

The country offers numerous opportunities for graduation in people from Computer Science, IT and Business disciplines.

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