Q: I would like to use lighting fixtures to enhance the look of my home. Can you suggest some ideas?

A: When deciding on lighting, the key is to understand the space and apply the most suitable lighting to ensure functionality. Striking the right balance of task lighting and ambient or general lighting is essential to enhance the look and feel of a space. Here’s what kind of lighting works best for each room in your home.

Living room: General lighting in the form of hanging chandeliers that provide ample light for day-to-day activities, as well as floor or table lamps that provide task lighting in the late evenings. You can also use lights to draw attention to certain wall art or décor pieces in your living room.

Dining room: Hanging a chandelier or pendant light with lamp shades facing downward is ideal to hang above your dining table. Be sure to find light that will illuminate the entire table and that there’s a gap of at least 60cm between the light and the surface of the table.

Kitchen: Lighting is crucial in your kitchen as it is an area where there’s a lot of activity happening. Task lighting is great to illuminate areas like your work tops and general lighting is essential to provide a comfortable level of brightness in the space. You can also add accent lights under cabinets or in areas where you need more visibility.

Bedrooms: Lighting in your bedroom should bring about a sense of calm as it is where you’ll unwind after a long day. Apart from general lighting that provides ample visibility, add wall lights and table lamps that set the mood for relaxation as you drift off to sleep. Lighting fixtures with dimming feature is also a great option to have in your bedroom.

Bathroom: For bathrooms, the best option is to have a simple general light and an accent light above your mirror or vanity. Avoid intricately designed lamps in bathrooms as they may be difficult to maintain and be sure to place switches outside as a safety precaution.

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