Q: How do I get my small kids to follow a routine after a long break? The long online studies seem to have left them a bit lazy to get back to a regular routine?

A: Between family events, late-night binges and movie marathons, getting back to their normal routine can be quite tricky for the children. Parents and teachers too may discover some challenges to get the children to focus and perform at school post-vacation.

To make structure truly effective, implementing a routine for every child is highly recommended, not just regarding the behavioural approach but as a way of life. Studies find that setting routines augment the social and emotional health of a child by 42 per cent. It helps them absorb what’s expected of them and brings a sense of discipline needed for their holistic development.

Here are a few proactive tips for parents and teachers to ease the transition with children:

• Revise the old routine again. Consistency in schedules set a fertile ground for expectations, building good habits, and improving discipline in your child. Waking up together every morning for school, performing tasks together or even bedtime reading post-dinner ensures that the child focuses on school and behaves in suitable ways.

• For teachers, it’s always great to review the curriculum and discuss the opportunities and adventures of the week ahead. Take a moment to personally discuss with them the activities of the day and how delighted you are to welcome them back to campus.

• Prepare them well in advance of the opening of schools. Remind and reinforce the positive sides of school like using new stationeries and reconnecting with their favourite teachers, friends, and favourite subjects.

• Hang an illustrated poster of the routine and communicate with your child. This could be a fun way to spend quality time together that aids connectivity and commitment from their end.

• Praise your child on their progress. Appreciate them in ways that they feel seen when they have managed to get ready on time for the school bus or entice them with alittle treat in their lunch box.

Constant acceptance and reassurance by teir parents and teachers work phenomenally for a fresh start and long-term learning and development.

Vandana Gandhi is CEO and founder of British Orchard Nursery. Got a problem? Our fantastic panel of renowned experts is available to answer all your questions related to fashion, well-being, nutrition, finance and hypnotherapy. Email your queries to friday@gulfnews.com.

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