Q: I have a five-year-old son and he is down with the flu. Can we opt for homeopathic treatment?

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a contagious respiratory condition caused by influenza (flu) viruses. Its effect can vary from mild to severe illness, and those suffering from it can often end up with complications if untreated. This is more likely to happen with children than in adults.

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Flu comes on suddenly and presents itself with some or all of the following symptoms: fever or a feverish feeling; cold and runny nose; cough; sore throat; body pain; headaches; and tiredness (fatigue).

Vomiting and diarrhoea can also be present in several cases.

Homoeopathic remedies are commonly used to treat the flu successfully. Based on my experience, I have seen that people who were treated with homoeopathic remedies recovered faster and had fewer complications when compared to those who were treated using just conventional forms of treatment.

In addition to homoeopathy, there are some very effective, natural remedies that could be given to anyone suffering from the flu, whether old or young. Ingredients such as honey, ginger, garlic, tulsi leaves (holy basil) and echinacea plant roots are a few natural remedies that can work very well in conjunction with homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is natural in origin, is not tested on animals and has no side effects.

It also has a high efficacy because it is prescribed based on symptoms and individual needs.

I’d recommend that you see a qualified homoeopath so that a correct diagnosis can be made through a physical examination and supported by lab tests such as nasal swabs and blood work.

Riyaz Badami is Dubai-based homoeopathic practitioner and medical director at Good Living Medical Centre. Got a problem? Our fantastic panel of renowned experts is available to answer all your questions related to fashion, well-being, nutrition, finance and hypnotherapy. Email your queries to friday@gulfnews.com.