I’m very busy with work but want to lose weight — at least 5kg in five weeks. Please help.

If you are looking for a magic pill/crash diet/fat burner that will help you because you have no time to give yourself or your body, please let me break it you to that you will be very disappointed.

Either you will crash your metabolism and it will take a hit on your hormones or you will land up with disorders of the thyroid if you choose to lose weight really fast by the wrong means. What is worse is that a few weeks after you end your diet, you will gain some of that weight back.

What you really need is a shift in mindset. Think about how many times in life you have said you are busy and delayed eating well or made efforts to lose weight. Being busy never ends. Social commitments go on. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are part of our lives. And we need to eat better while life happens, and not in isolation.

Every time you find yourself saying ‘I am too busy’, correct yourself and say ‘I am not making this my priority’. This will change your perception. Either you will do what it takes to make it your priority or you will be at peace not achieving your goals because you have taken responsibility for it and not blamed it on your busy schedule.

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Beginning a crash diet is not the answer. There are three things you can do even if you are busy to clean up your act and feel better.

1. Start your day with eating good fats — 1 tbsp of ghee or butter or coconut oil. This will help reduce your sugar cravings through the day by keeping your insulin levels stable.

2. Eat all foods in their natural original form. So swap biscuits for nuts, bread for rice and fruit juice for whole fruits. This way you get more nutrients and you will not crave the bad stuff.

3. If you are not working out every day, remove the carbs in the form of rice, roots, bread, potatoes and pasta at night and keep it to lean protein and green vegetables only. Eat better instead of taking up extreme diets.

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