Q: Some of my friends are getting their kids to take up a summer program. Is this a good idea? How would a summer program help students?

A: Summer programs can give students the chance to explore things they’re curious about in ways that they wouldn’t have been able to in school, or even through extracurricular activities during the academic year. This is due to a mixture of intensive hands-on learning, being surrounded in an immersive learning environment free of day-to-day distractions, and a new peer group of like-minded students.

A summer program can be a life-changing experience as it offers a structured opportunity for students to grow by allowing them to become independent and self-confident; and develop skills that come in handy while socialising and making new friends. Many students have fond memories of their summer programs – pointing to these experiences as critical moments that helped them blossom while creating lifelong friendships.

Most summer schools accept students between 16 and 21 years and offer various programs like STEM, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Robotics and other short-term courses. The programs are available in almost every area of study: from medicine and engineering to creative writing and drama.

For instance, London International Youth Science Forum’s STEM education programs in the summer strives to, in addition to academic teaching, develop a greater understanding between young people across all nations.

Many top universities in the USA like Harvard, Brown University and Stanford offer Pre-College Programs covering several topics and simultaneously earn college credits. Summer programs help aspirational high school students focus on medicine, psychology, global studies, or creative writing, through project-based learning activities. Similarly, you can always find programs on programming coding, gaming and computer languages.

Virtual Tech Camps are structured, weeklong sessions promoting the most sought after curriculum in Python, Java, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more. It encompasses all the magic of camp including games, challenges, and legendary iD traditions you can't find anywhere else.

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