I partied heavily in December and would like to know if a fruit juice detox will help me to lose some weight fast and cleanse my system.

Let’s make this very clear. A detox is just a way for you to ease your guilt post New Year’s.

The liver is where all the detoxification of our body takes place. Here is the problem with a fruit juice cleanse that you do in the hope of detoxifying your body. Even the natural sugar from fruits, and processed fructose in particular, goes to the liver, which has a very limited capacity to metabolise it.

When someone’s liver is already full of glycogen (which is true of most people), the fructose will be turned into fat. And especially triglycerides.

So your lipid profile eventually gets messed up if you have too many fruit juices to detox your body.

Some of the fat gets shipped out as blood triglycerides, but part of it remains in the liver, which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Our bodies detoxify naturally through the liver, kidneys and gastro intestinal tract. These organs help remove toxins or harmful substances from 
the body.

Since the body is always in a state of naturally cleansing itself, a person does not need to do a juice cleanse or follow a liquid detox diet to be healthy.

If you are planning to do this to reduce appetite, bring back discipline in eating, lose weight or detoxify, these are unlikely to happen.

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Nevertheless, if you still want to cleanse, here’s how you can do so safely. There are four simple and easy ways to detox with juices:

1. The juice should have about three to four veggies and only one fruit. Only two meals in the day should be replaced with a juice.

2. Add some healthy fats like avocado/nut butter/nut to your smoothie.

3. Do a detox like this just for three days so your appetite gets back to normal. If you do it longer you will start to feel weaker because you will get lesser nutrients.

4. Add a vegan protein powder into your smoothies or have some eggs on all days.

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