I’d like to ensure I get a great package from venues for my big-day celebrations – could you give me some tips for this?

Ideally, all negotiations and contract formations should be taken care of by your wedding planner as they know best what the right price to pay is and what value added services or benefits they can get added to your contract. Also, certain formal and legal points in the contract can be reviewed by your wedding planner to protect your interests.

However, if you’ve not hired a wedding planner, we suggest you call for contracts from at least three of your preferred venues so you can run a comparison between them. This could give you clarity on who is most competitive between the venue offerings. In addition to this, we highly recommend checking with someone who may have hosted a celebration at the same venue. It is completely alright to ask the venue for references of their past clients so you can hear from them of their experience at the property.

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Finally, once convinced, meet with the venue manager face-to-face for finalisation of your contract. It is essential that you visit the venue personally at least once before signing the contract. Images and reviews on the internet can be deceiving. It is best that you make this extra effort of visiting the venue to ensure your experience on your big day is not compromised.

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