Q: How does one develop social skills among small children, especially since most of them are from single-child families and don’t know how to share or be empathetic?

A: Good social skills in the early years allow children to enjoy robust peer relationships, reduce stress, build stronger friendships and emerge to be successful students in elementary school years.

There following are a few ways how daily opportunities at home and qualified preschools help to strengthen social and sharing skills in children successfully from an early age.

In good preschools, children are taught to share and work in harmony with other students. They also excel at problem-solving and conflict resolution. High-quality schools will always encourage 'child-led learning'. Additionally, the diverse activities at preschools build their self-esteem and confidence and help the little ones flourish in group settings, both in and out of school.

Modelling healthy habits at home like reading together, assigning tasks around the house, and communicating with your child regularly is another great way to help them develop emotional intelligence and understand the world surrounding them.

Introducing Mindful Curriculum and corresponding areas of learning at preschools enable children to assess and express their emotions, practice self-control, and compassion, and communicate their needs and wants in the best possible way. This supports them in understanding their own emotions of feeling happy, sad, irritated, or excited and talking about them openly with others.

It is essential to know the limits of your child. Some children are very outgoing and sociable whereas some may be reserved and confine to known faces. Hence, it is important to know how your child feels and offer customised guidance at home and have teachers work around individual needs at preschools.

Roleplays and enrichment programs at schools help parents and teachers realise what situations make the child uncomfortable or happy and further discussion on developmental needs can be had.

Say ‘no’ for anything appropriately. Never say it abruptly without understanding what the child needs. Reasoning and offering solutions or options go a long way in emotional development.

Social skills cannot be acquired overnight. It requires time, constant refinement, and good preschool education to help your child reap the benefits of holistic development from a young age.

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