Q: I have a relatively small apartment. What can I do to make it look more spacious and still have all the key elements in it?

A: I suggest a strong hard re-evaluation of the things which are of dire need and things that can be scrapped. After thinking about re-arrangements and stepping through the front door, the first step should be to make the space feel like a Zen retreat and not a cramped, claustrophobic, unrestful place.

Smaller spaces need sleeker furniture and not weighty pieces that eat up too much of the useable space in the room. A slimmer sofa in a single-colour accent or a statement chair will give you as much comfort you dreamt of but will minimise the space of your room. Use a heavier piece of art on the wall to balance this and you will create a streamlined look that is easy for the eye.

Furniture pieces that are lower to the ground will create a sense of openness. This concept can be used in the living and bedroom area whereby the main furniture can be more rooted towards the floor, like a loft bed.

The wrong paint job is the mortal enemy of a spacious-seeming home. If you want to make your house look larger, opt for light, neutral hues, like shades of white, yellow, and tan. Mirrors at the right places can draw in light and make your space appear larger than what it is, especially across windows. Also adding sheer curtains can help maximize the natural light in the space. The natural light passing through the curtains will draw your eye past the curtains, making any room seem more spacious in no time.

Expandable tables, storage-based furniture, vertical accent pieces will help you achieve a larger than what the eye meets. In the end, it is all about the right placement and the ‘‘less is more’’ concept.

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