I’d like to carry four suits with me on my work trips that typically last a week. How do I have a well-rounded look for the entire trip?

Suits being worn for corporate wear today are quite varied in style and colours and are totally dependant on the occasion. Deciding on the right corporate suit that is well-aligned with the purpose of the occasion is a practiced art.

The quintessential navy blue suit is a staple necessity to have in a gentleman’s suitcase. It is quite versatile to be worn extremely formally with a tie or rather informally without a tie depending on the occasion. It is also quite receptive to various shirt colours and can comfortably be worn with most of them. For the indecisive person, the navy blue suit always comes to the rescue.

Another suit that should work well comfortably would be a darker tone of mid-grey. It can be worn for any part of the
day. Its muted colour makes it wearable for most occasions. When one likes to easily blend within the company of people one is meeting during a trip, a dark mid-grey suit never disappoints.

The third suit could be a carbon blue or a royal blue and have a bit of texture to give it more character than a solid-coloured suit. 
The colour being lighter than a classic navy blue adds a bit of vibrant freshness to the otherwise standard muted tones. Also this is bearing in mind that it doesn’t look outlandish to wear something overtly bright. Having a pattern like a darker pinhead or bird’s eye would enhance the colour balance and hence add subtlety to the hue. This could effectively be worn during meetings over lunch and slightly lighter meetings.

The last but not the least should be a strongly patterned suit such as a charcoal grey pinstripe or a classic charcoal grey Prince of Wales check. This should be considered one’s power suit, to lend its support during meetings, elevate one’s presence and make one effectively the focal point of attention. This suit would be worn during extremely formal meetings or if one is part of a public speaking panel or seminar where focused attention is on the person.

Pawan and Ashish Ishwar are tailors at Knights & Lords, a bespoke tailoring house in Dubai