I do not know how to go about organising the destination wedding I want. Could you please advise?

Destination weddings are quite popular these days owing to the overall experience it can offer you and your guests. With exotic locations now open globally for wedding celebrations, the world truly is your oyster with abundant possibilities.

Before setting your heart on a destination, one of the first things you should ideally check for is ease of access in terms of travel and connectivity for you and your guests.

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Another important aspect is to check for visa requirements at the destination and whether your guests would see any challenges with this. Once you’re satisfied with your findings, the next step would be to identify the right and ideal venues for your celebrations. Explore your options and check whether there have been wedding celebrations in the past at these venues, and if there are good support teams and vendors to make your big day special for you.

Other important aspects are food and beverage options, local on-ground logistics and transportation, hospitality levels at venues as well as language skills since communication is key at destination weddings. Families have been known to fly down culinary teams and translators with them to destinations to ensure smooth operations at their wedding celebrations.

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