Q: I’m a mother of two children. I want to know how I can earn extra money working from home.

The first step is to explore your passion; ideally, write down your interest on a sheet of paper and identify which ones could materialise into financial benefits. Also, evaluate previous work experience as it would be much easier to relate to similar activities. For instance, being a teacher could mean you can start home tutoring. If you have been an art teacher, you could consider offering classes in art.

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Similarly, if you have a passion for cooking or baking, you can consider catering for special occasions for your neighbours – of course, after seeking proper clearances from the authorities concerned. A catering business with the help of a food delivery team is also something that can be considered.

However, if you prefer to be independent and have an interest in exploring the web world, then content or blog writing can be options to explore as they can be long-lasting business commitments and simultaneously rewarding too.

Also, you could re-explore child management skills by managing neighbours’ toddlers at your home. Furthermore, can also look after their pet if this lies within your interest. If you are skilled in creating homemade craftwork – wood work, beads or tailoring dresses, then your neighbours or community members could act as marketing tools to expand your business reach, which later could be converted into full-time committed business operations.

Another way is to identify discount coupons available across multiple online shopping portals. This could help you save a decent amount of money on your household budget.

You could also comment on paid surveys and research along with online tutoring that can be monetarily rewarding.

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