My son is keen to study MIS. Can you give some advice if he should pursue it and which colleges should he apply to?

Management Information System, (MIS) is a computerised database of information capable of being organised and programmed to generate reports that can be used to assist decision-making at all levels in an organisation. The role of an MIS manager is to process the information available, analyse the problems and then develop and maintain the computer applications designed to solve the problem.

Individuals in this field can work for a range of companies and industries, from financial institutions to healthcare companies.

An information systems degree provides one with a range of specialist skills in areas such as hardware, software development and programming, systems analysis, database systems and design, networking and operating systems and data-mining. During your son’s studies, he will also develop crucial skills such as problem-solving and change management, the ability to contribute to a team objective and commercial awareness and business acumen.

Developing these skills means he is able to understand and implement an employer’s informational requirements into business applications, working alongside engineers and business analysts. He could also specialise in specific industries such as finance or healthcare.

The field has a fairly strong placement record, with 70 per cent of graduates being employed within six months of graduation. A variety of jobs are open, including data analyst, IT consultant, systems analyst and database administrator. Industries that typically hire MIS graduates are IT, retail, financial, healthcare and HR.

Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, University of California – Berkeley and Cornell would be the most coveted universities offering this degree in USA. In the UK, Warwick, LSE, Cardiff, Reading would rank amongst the most popular universities offering the programme.