Whatever the reason, if you’re moving soon, how can you make the experience as stress-free as possible?

Get to know the new area. If your new house is nearby, visit the neighbourhood; if it’s far away, take virtual tours. Discover where you’ll shop, how long it will take to get children to school and so on, so it already feels familiar when you move.

Play with the layout. Draw a scale model of your new home, then measure your furniture and approximate the dimensions to match your model. Next, draw and cut out representations of your furniture. Move the items around to different rooms, until you find the most agreeable layout.

Make "holiday preparations". Imagine you’re going on a one-week self-catering holiday. Pack everything you would need and bring it yourself to the new house on moving day. That way, you will have all the essentials as soon as you need them.

Colour code. Assign a colour to every room in the new house, then mark every box you pack with the appropriate colour. This will make it easier to unpack.

Accept help. If friends and/or family offer help, for example to cook a meal or look after a pet on moving day, accept gladly. That allows them the pleasure of feeling useful, and at the same time helps you reduce your stress levels.

The Daily Telegraph

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