Q: My daughter wants to do a master’s in Human Resources instead of an MBA, mainly because she has math phobia. Please advise on the best universities that offer this degree course, and how it stands against the MBA. She is considering Canadian universities.

Once relegated to a mere administrative role, today, in a global era and global workplace, the Human Resources function encompasses compensation and rewards, organisational systems, and legal and ethical considerations. Cross cultural differences, employee motivation and development and compensation models need to be dealt with equitably by people trained and equipped to manage these challenges.

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A master’s in Human Resources prepares you to manage the diversity and qualifications of different demographics in an international context and set you up for a strategic HR leadership role. Being responsible for the organisation’s most valuable asset – its employees – the HR team should undergo training to equip themselves with the required skills. Human resource management eventually boils down to managing and developing individuals for the benefit of the organisation.

The selection between an MBA with HR specialisation and master’s in HR depends more on your career goals than the difference in curriculum. In an MBA programme you will study general management and business-related subjects like finance, marketing, economics and information systems and is awarded by the Business Department in the university. This will provide you a solid foundation for a career in any industry and should be selected should you not know or want to spend your entire working life in the HR field.

A master’s in HR is awarded by the Human Resources management department, and will have fewer classes, allowing for bespoke studies with subjects that interest you. It should be chosen if you are passionate about HR or already have a business studies background.

While making a choice between the two programmes, the questions you need to ask yourself are a) what are my career goals b) do I already have a business background and c) am I planning on changing careers.

University of York and Toronto are extremely credible research-based public universities. Toronto is extremely competitive and is Canada’s highest-ranked university, even better placed than some Ivy League schools. It is also far more expensive than York.

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