Q: I’m a fair complexioned mid-30s male perplexed about colours I should wear. I’d love to move out of my comfort zone and revamp my wardrobe.

Choosing the right colours for your skin tone is a daunting task for any man as males tend to stick to basic colours. But before we delve in, let’s discuss what exactly skin tone is, and why is it so important for men when choosing clothes?

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When determining skin tone, look for what’s known as skin undertones. Whether your skin looks more pinkish, golden or bluish overall is the main determining factor for understanding tone. Hold up a plain white sheet of paper or bright white fabric to your skin and compare the two colours. Looking at your skin next to something plain white will make the undertones you’re seeing easier to identify.

Whichever you are, we’ve broken it down so you never sport the wrong shade ever again:

Warm: A greenish or yellowish golden skin undertone means you have a warm skin tone. Such people will generally have darker shades of hair colour from dark blonde to deep brown or black. Enhance your skin tone with hues of orange, red and rust. Avoid darker shades of ruby or sapphire as a general rule as they won’t complement your skin colour as successfully. Add a pop of colour to your day-to-day ensemble with items such as a premium tie or a silk pocket square. A medium grey suit with a crisp dress shirt and a more vibrant fiery coloured tie ensures major style points.

Cool: People with cool skin tones have a bluish undertone to their skin. If you have a cool skin tone, your hair colouring can range the full spectrum from palest blonde to blue black. Help brighten the appearance of cool toned skin with bright colours. For example, bold blue, vivid purple or rich jewel colours such as ruby or emerald work very well. Avoid shades that touch on orange or yellow because these can wash out your appearance. On weekends and when dress codes are more relaxed, opt for grass green or night-sky blue tees, avoiding sunshine tones or anything neon.

Neutral: Having a neutral skin tone could mean you have hazel or colour-changing eyes (for example, brown-green) and you could have naturally streaky hair. Things are easy for such people. Pretty much any shade of clothing will work – from black to white, and everything in between.

Apart from colour, quality fabrics make a great first impression and will further enhance the way the colour complements your skin tone.

If there’s one watch-out when it comes to the rainbow though, super brights aren’t your best bet. They may overpower your skin tone so are best avoided.

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