I was on a keto diet, but I now find that I cannot eat dals or vegetables.

After being on keto diets, one of the many things that get messed up is your ability to digest fibre from vegetables. When people start to eat raw salads again while they are trying to wean off keto, it becomes very uncomfortable. If you aren’t eating enough veggies, you’ll always be short of micro nutrients and symptoms such as hair fall, low energy levels, dry skin and brittle nails will become your new normal.

When you wean off keto, and specially if you are a vegetarian, your gut will have issues with digesting fibre from vegetables and plant-based proteins and legumes like chickpeas and beans. It can cause bloating and put you off these foods completely. But the trick is to have very small amounts initially and gradually work up to a bowl that is big enough to take care of your daily requirements of essential nutrients. Start with over-steaming or roasting your veggies instead of having them raw.

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Over time, your gut will get much better at handling these foods. So be patient with your body and give your gut some time to handle these foods rather than ditching them completely.

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