Q: How do I limit device usage in my young son? I am worried as they are already exposed excessively while studying.

A: Child behavioural experts advise parents to consider delaying introducing kids to screen media as it not only hinders development skills of language and sociability, but also delays their cognitive growth.

According to a UAE survey, one-third of children aged 6 years or younger own a tablet or digital device, and with the onset of the pandemic, their interaction has increased tremendously.

Experts advise parents to allocate screen time based on the age of their child as the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t hold effective in the circumstance. That said, it is prudent to limit the screentime of children aged up to 3 years as development is happening rapidly and engaging them in non-electronic activities fosters increased creativity and imagination in them.

A good-quality preschool positively aids a child’s needs, interests, and holistic development in the early years and makes learning more challenging and enjoyable. The effect of early years foundation stage learning at a nursery allows children to think critically, predict outcomes, find similarities and differences, problem solve, and explore leaving little room for activities to involve any screen time. A balanced approach to the new technology driven world is highly vital. Below are few tips parents can adopt.

Be good role models: Children absorb by watching the environment around them. The next time you see yourself scrolling through your phone while the TV series is running in the background, remember that you are imparting the exact screen-related behavior to your child.

Establish "tech-free zones" at home: Create areas where technology is strictly prohibited. The area should inspire activities and family conversations ; ensure everyone takes part in the exercise.

Keep a device check: Keep a close check on devices, its contents, and apps your child is using, along with passwords and strict time limits.

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