I’m looking for signage and other stationery for my wedding. Would the venue do this for me?

Venues have known to do just basic signage and directional signage for the events, not the pretty designed stationery. This is done by professionals who are wedding stationery designers. They can assist from designing your initial Save the Date creatives all the way to your complete kit of wedding stationery which includes airport signage, baggage tags, hospitality desk signage, welcome note, thank you note, ritual booklets, do not disturb tags, beverage napkins, key card sleeve (This is where the hotel key card goes inside and people carry it with them and it has all the details of events mentioned in there).

It is best to consult and hire the services of a professional designer so there is consistency in all designed collaterals and stationery in the form of colour, design and character that can flow through other areas of the wedding.

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You may choose to use the services of the designer only for the creatives and you may choose to print this at the printing facility of your choice.

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