My daughter is 19 and has been experiencing chronic headaches followed by vomiting for the past three years. We have been seeing doctors, but the condition still persists. Is there a cure for this through homoeopathy?

Based on the description, your daughter’s condition appears to show the symptoms of a classic migraine. Headaches followed by vomiting aggravated by bright lights are common symptoms. A detailed consultation with a practitioner would be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

What is very important to understand is that although many people can exhibit similar symptoms such as headaches, the triggers or causative factors are individual. For example, some people get aches due to prolonged exposure to the sun, others due to extended time spent working on laptops and smartphones where screens could be calibrated to the maximum brightness.

Some women can experience pain due to hormonal fluctuations before and during the monthly periods, while in some cases stress could be the causative factor.

A common theory that homoeopathy practitioners believe in is that if you treat the cause, the effect will go by itself.

I would recommend that you see a good homoeopathic practitioner who would explore a detailed history and prescribe

what we call a ‘genetic constitutional remedy’, which when taken will help the body to go back to its healthiest state.

Dr Riyaz Badami is a Dubai-based homoeopathic practitioner and medical director at Good Living Medical Centre