Q: Is it going to be harder for students to find a good job in the next few years due to the new state of the economy?

The Covid-19 pandemic caught us unawares and in the process radically changed our world. From how we work to how we study to how we live, all of our lives have been impacted. While it may be too soon to know the full impact, the pandemic has changed the present work environment and the prism through which we look at the future has been redefined. Today, we can only make some predictions on future job scenarios.

The technology industry continues to be a world-leading industry, as remote work wouldn’t be possible without the advent of products, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. With tech, health and allied services have risen in prominence.

People will have gotten used to working from home and there will be less commuting to work. There will be an increased demand in upgrading our hardware and telecommunication networks. The demand for engineers and computer science graduates will grow along with an increased interest in artificial intelligence and robotics as we try to remove human interaction in many areas of our economies.

Online shopping will become the norm, leading to more growth in e-commerce and delivery companies. There will be a renewed demand for those who study and specialise in supply chain management due to this increase in warehousing and logistics.

The shock to the airline industry will mean that there could be a reduced demand for pilots and airline staff.

Countering this will be an increased demand for microbiologists, doctors and students specialising in health sciences. People will become more conscious of hygiene, leading to increased sales of such products. The pandemic will also fuel the rise in tele-medicine, and there will be an accompanying rise in demand for medical staff to work in these companies.

The entertainment industry will also change, as we have seen with global closures of cinemas. More focus will be applied to home leisure and entertainment, which will lead to an increased hiring in the gaming and streaming industries for a wide range of professions such as software and hardware engineers, graphic designers and animators. Digital marketing will flourish. This will be accompanied by a significant growth in data analytics roles.

While all the above scenarios are predictions, we must remember that Covid-19 surprised the entire world – human memory is short and don’t be surprised again if our pre-corona ways come back sooner than expected.

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