Q: I’ve just moved into a one-bedroom apartment. Can you suggest some interior options?

A: First, let’s talk about the kitchen.

Modular kitchens are a good option for apartments. Designing a kitchen requires considerable thought. You need an elegant kitchen space that offers maximum functionality and convenience, and here a modular kitchen would serve your needs. It’s easy to assemble and provides the flexibility to shift the entire kitchen, should you plan to move into a new house.

Customise the space depending on your kitchen size and personal preferences. You can colour coordinate the kitchen to either match or contrast with the theme of your home and yet work within your budget. You can have shelves in small corners or tiny spaces, or hung on doors. Fit appliances along the wall or shelves.

Moving on to other areas, water features perfectly complement a home. Bringing decorative water features into your home is an exciting way to enhance the interiors of your house. Water fountains not only create a beautiful ambience, but its calming sound relieves stress. You can add elegant outdoor water sculptures to your garden space or the pool or even at the entrance. The walls of your home can be accentuated with water trickling over them or a fountain as a focal point.

Aquariums are another exciting way to enhance the appeal in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. While a portable desk-sized fountain and a water feature can create an organic atmosphere in your work or study area, a fountain adds a beautiful backdrop to dining and entertaining spaces.

Use of modular furniture is a sensible solution for smaller homes as it lets you maximise space effectively. Modular furniture options include folding beds, space-saving wardrobes and storage units, folding tables, chairs and much more. They perform multiple functions. For example, a loft bed can be folded in the daytime to create a much-needed dining space. Go with a unified colour scheme to make it look clean and spacious. A smart glass wall is perfect for dividing the bedroom area from the main dining and living spaces, retaining the natural light in the room.

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