I’ve just moved into a studio apartment and am looking to do it up nicely. Any tips you can suggest?

A studio can present the perfect canvas to create a cosy and modern living space using clever and creative ideas to utilise every tiny nook and cranny.

The key to doing up a studio lies in creating visual separations of space to demarcate areas. Adding elements like mirrors or reflective surfaces can help to create the perception of more space.

Less space does not mean the place can’t still be a reflection of you and your taste. Up the design quotient, and use your décor instincts to choose colour palettes and fabrics to suit your style.

Planning can help you pick on and utilise dead spaces creatively. Create layout with the essentials, then fill in the ‘gaps’ and dead spaces with storage options. Think outside-the-box! Tall cupboards, cabinets, boxes, or storage benches, in various shapes and sizes can come in handy to optimise dead space.

Don’t over-decorate. Choose just one or two statement furniture pieces, like a chaise lounge, a sofa, a bench or a rustic chest of drawers, and keep the rest of the space easy and simple

Go multi-functional. A studio is the place that will force you to be creative in how you use a space or a piece of furniture. A raised bed that keeps the floor area open for use as a workspace or cupboard is a good example. Similarly, a work desk that is extendable can double as a dining space when entertaining guests. Use an overhead lamp with diffuser settings to change from work to mood lighting as needed.

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Use the traditional rule of thumb when it comes to colours — light colours make spaces look bigger. Enhance this by using mirrors on a cupboard or propped against a wall to create the illusion of a larger space. Reflective surfaces in a room are also a brilliant way to add depth to the room.

While patterns can add a striking effect to a room, be careful to use them only on one wall to avoid the small space seem too busy.

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