I’m planning on having an event next month. What factors should I keep in mind when choosing an event venue?

There are numerous factors that come into play when identifying the right venue for an event. Online searches is definitely not one of them as this could be deceiving. A bunch of images and texts on the internet could be misleading and may cause disappointment when evaluated in real.

An event planner should be able to recommend a suitable venue depending on the nature of your event and type of celebration. A venue that may be relevant to a certain type of event may not function well with another.

A few important points to consider when choosing a venue is the transport accessibility, the distance that your guests would need to travel, neatness and appearance of the event venue, experience of the event team at the venue, price points and offerings in addition to the overall reputation of the venue based on past events held there. Make it a point to visit venues and see for yourselves versus just merely following promotional materials or advertisements. Try and meet the team at the venue to see if they share the same passion and interest towards your event that you do. If you feel you’re not welcome at a particular venue, it’s going to be a recipe for a disaster right from the beginning.

Some of the premium and exclusive venues ask for venue rentals while other venues work on the principle of minimum spends on food and beverage. In addition to this, each venue has its own set of operating procedures, stipulations, limitations etc. This could be relative to the duration of events, timings of music, accessibility hours, catering limitations and various other factors. It is best to have a clear understanding of all this information before choosing the venue to avoid disappointment going forward.

You could even ask the potential venue you are considering for images or video clips of events that have been held there in the past. It gives you a clearer picture of how your event could shape up should you wish to choose that particular venue.

Selection of the right venue can be a time-consuming and tedious exercise. We suggest beginning ahead of time for your venue-scouting to have the possibility to choose from a few different options.

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