I’m holding an event next month. Can you offer some general tips that would help me plan better for this?

The first suggestion: Plan ahead.

Some of the best venues and talents tend to get booked up early, especially during the high season. Plan ahead of time to ensure availability and to accommodate contract negotiation times. The closer you are to the event dates, the negotiation power reduces to a large extent and your preferred vendors may not be available at all.

Select an event planner: A professional event planner relieves the client of their stress as well as contributes with value-added inputs that create an unforgettable event. Select the right credible event planner so that you can focus on other parts of the celebration, like determining your guest list, promoting your event, greeting your guests at the event and spending quality time with them.

Develop a realistic budget: While your event planner should be able to guide you with estimated budgets, it is important for you to do some homework to check what each service costs in general. It is advisable to work on a realistic budget versus expectation to avoid disappointment. An open and transparent communication between the client and event planner is vital to a successful event.

Make out your wish list: It enables event planners to work in line with the client’s expectations and helps shape their event better than they would have envisioned. We recommend that our client have their wish list ready to discuss with us — things that they would want to have at their event, such as certain flowers, a particular DJ, a fun theme, etc.

Check all options: There may be several service providers for each category of service that you may require for your event. It is best to seek recommendations from the event planner. In addition, check other options that may be available. Sometimes, you may come across certain vendors who may be fresh talent hungry to prove their worth. This could be where you strike a deal.

Take an informed decision: You may be inclined on signing with a particular vendor your event planner may have recommended or you may have searched for yourself. Before you do so, check for past work references, past client references and credibility of the service provider. You should be comfortable making that decision as it could impact the quality of your event.

Sit back, relax and enjoy: Events are fun occasions, usually a celebration of something important. Everyone should be able to enjoy these moments while the event planner takes care of all the details.

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