I’m a 39-year-old Indian woman having syringoma underneath my eyes. I’ve tried some home remedies but nothing has worked.

Syringomas represent a group of small-sized benign bumpy lesions arising within sweat gland ducts. Syringomas mostly appear on and around the eyelids; however they can be seen on any site of the body, including upper trunk, extremities and genital skin. Very rarely they can also occur on palms and soles and in these cases they can cause significant diagnostic confusion with viral warts/verrucae. Though syringomas can also appear as a single lesion, multiple eruptions are common.

Adults are most commonly affected and both genders are believed to have equal predisposition.

Dermatoscopic examination of the lesions usually confirm the clinical diagnosis. However, in cases of solitary (single) lesion of an atypical appearance, a skin biopsy might become necessary to rule out certain types of malignant skin growths.

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In patients with widespread syringoma eruptions it is advisable to rule out presence of diabetes mellitus. Similarly, in extreme rare cases, certain internal/systemic syndromes have also been diagnosed in sufferers with extensive eruptions of syringomas. It is important to mention that majority of such sufferers had the onset of syringoma eruptions at their pre-adolescence age.

Treatment of syringomas is usually offered for cosmetic reasons. Many therapeutic options including use of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, trichloroacetic acid are the chemical form of treatment.

The mechanical forms of treatment include electrocauterisation, electrodessication and curettage and removal through lasers. The final choice of the treatment method will remain with your treating dermatologist.

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