Q: Some friends tell me they experience heavy periods. I have very light flow. Is that OK?

Here is how you interpret your period.

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Very heavy bleeding: This is a sign of fibroids or polyps. See a gynaecologist. Oestrogen dominance/clearance could be an issue. Have enough of the green juice I recommend to help with liver cleanse, and increase fibre intake.

Very short bleeding: This means very low oestrogen and progesterone due to nutritional deficiencies. This happens when you go on a crash diet or do the wrong kind of keto plan.

Very frequent bleeding: Getting your period too often could mean there are issues with your thyroid gland. Medication you are consuming could also cause that. Keep off gluten.

Brown stains: Lower progesterone levels could be a cause. Get your levels checked on the second day of your period. Speak to a gynaecologist if you also have unbearable pain.

Extremely painful period: Generally a sign of endometriosis. Get a check-up. I recommend a surgery if you’ve reached stage 3.

Dark red or black clots: Low progesterone but elevated oestrogens. Changing your lifestyle habits and eating better quality food can help with this.

3 tips for hormonal balance

Start consuming more fat: The sex hormones (oestrogen, prolactin, progesterone) are steroid based, which means they are made from the cholesterol in the body. So when you start eating better quality and quantity of fat in your diet, automatically your hormones reset and you’ll experience some change in your period.

Start having omega-3 fatty acid supplement: It is not produced in our body and is very essential for hormonal balance. You need to have 2000mg of it every day. (Note: if you are on blood thinners or roacutane, do not have omega-3 fatty acids.)

Eat the right carbs: Observe how your gut feels when you have carbs and have only those that suit you. Avoid refined and processed carbs.

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