Q: How do I redecorate my studio apartment and make it look spacious?

A: Space crunch can be real, but working around it in a smart manner and creating an illusion of space is a hack that is not mastered by one and all. Your studio apartment can be made a space where unwinding will be a priority and style is all which will matter.

Using space wisely is the key element and storage plays a key role. Make use of all the space provided to you, place shelves and cupboards a little high and towards the ceilings. Keep items that you don’t need daily but don’t want them out of sight. This way, the apartment would look bigger and spacious.

You can build cabinet storage right above the bedrest or under your bed by placing books, clothes, sheets, etc, without using much space in the wardrobe. You can even decorate the cabinets above with lights and flowers. Ensure the cabinets are of the same colour as the wall or bed to give the illusion of space.

Furniture plays a key role in the look and feel of your apartment, multipurpose and foldable options are hacks that you can employ, foldable statement benches, stools, sofas, tables, can be used throughout the place. Opt for curtains in sheer and which go from ceiling to floor curtains, which will create an illusion of space.

The walls need to be kept minimalistic, the colour to go for this look would be white, but throwing in an accent wall will just add some character to the place.

To have a seamless look, colour coordination plays a massive role, to create an optical illusion, try coordination of décor, artefacts and lighting to highlight the natural aesthetic of the apartment.

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