I’m planning my own wedding and my family is very keen that the food and beverage part of the wedding stand out. What can I do to ensure this is done right?

It is not uncommon for families to emphasise on the food and beverage aspect of the wedding celebrations. The culinary side of a wedding is an important feature that enhances the overall experience.

To ensure the food and beverage offering at your wedding wows your guests, you would need to give this area enough of your time, looking into the details. Ideally, your wedding planner should be able to suggest menus that have been used in the past at weddings and you may choose to tweak them to your liking and preferences.

Alternatively, it is best to ask the venue representative to arrange for a meeting with the chef or the culinary team at your wedding venue to understand from them what their speciality and skills are, in which cuisines they work best, and if they have any challenges with a particular cuisine or preparation. And refrain from pushing the chef to prepare something that is beyond their comfort of skill levels.

Value the team’s judgment and advice owing to their years of experience in their respective areas of work. Their guidance and direction is key to ensure an unforgettable culinary experience for your guests.

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It is also completely alright to ask a venue for a food tasting session for specific items from the menu so that you get to try a selection and can ensure they meet your expectations ahead of the big day.

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