I feel very warm when I wear jackets to work. A work colleague of mine mentioned wearing deconstructed jackets as a solution to this. What is a deconstructed jacket?

Your work colleague is indeed right – a deconstructed jacket is an ideal companion in myriad situations, from impromptu business presentations to late nights on the tiles where ties and tongues may both be loosened.

A deconstructed jacket means it is constructed without an inner lining. It is elegant enough to be reassuringly smart, but lightweight, breathable and comfortable enough to feel like a second skin. Easy-wearing, it does not encroach on your comfort or your style, but instead supports your every endeavour – quite like a perfect wing-man.

This kind of jacket, while absolutely a seasonal item in Europe, also represents a viable year-round option for Middle Eastern residents as it is usually made in lightweight fabrics such as a blend of linen, cotton or wool.

A deconstructed jacket may feel a little more like a shirt when one puts it on, which is the idea behind it; dispense with the interior lining, shoulder pads and the canvassing, retain the soft vestiges of a classic silhouette and ideally the sweet spot between formal and informal attire will be beautifully realised.

Creating the perfect deconstructed jacket is a challenge. The foundation of the deconstructed jacket is minimalism. Any architect of minimalism will know that achieving perfection when your lines are pared back to their most unflinchingly honest is incredibly difficult in the absence of superfluous detail that would otherwise disguise tiny imperfections. Hence one needs to choose their tailor wisely when choosing to go for a deconstructed jacket.

In this region, where sartorial leanings have usually inclined towards ostentation rather than discreet quality, this style of construction has only recently started to become popular, which is a sign of growing sophistication.

Apart from the way a deconstructed jacket is created, the single most important thing to incorporate in this is the Italian flair of sprezzaturra, an artful carelessness.

This style of construction originated in Italy, where a studied nonchalance and a casual elegance has always defined their tailoring.

Pawan and Ashish Ishwar are tailors at Knights & Lords, a bespoke tailoring house in Dubai.