Q: My body has changed significantly post pregnancy. I’ve heard about mommy makeovers. How can it help me?

The body’s changes after pregnancy depends upon many factors such as amount of weight gain, number of pregnancies, age, medical history and lifestyle. These factors can lead to changes in the tummy area such as stubborn fat, sagging skin, stretch marks and thinned out and separated muscles of tummy. These changes can be minimised to some extent by managing weight during pregnancy with exercise and proper skin care.

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The other area that undergoes a lot of changes are the breasts. Hormonal and weight changes affect the size and shape of breasts. In some women the breast loses volume and deflates whereas in others it may gain excessive weight and cause sagging.

A mommy makeover is a surgical procedure designed to correct tummy and breast problems. The classic combination is tummy tuck or abdominoplasty and breast reshaping either with lift or implants. Abdominoplasty corrects the problem of muscle and removes excess skin – the modern technique involves removing fat at the same time to sculpt the waistline, back and tummy.

In some people their own fat can be used to reshape the breasts, whereas some may benefit from an implant to enhance the shape. A breast lift procedure is required if there is excessive sagging and drooping of the breasts. The breast lift allows for lifting and reshaping of the breasts to its youthful form.

Upon consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will be examined and assessed. Based on the requirement, the doctor will advise you the method, recovery and the benefits and risks of the procedure.

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