We are planning to have a major event. Should we consider postponing it to summer or is it better to have it in the winter?

Summer events in this region could mean a whole lot different from summer events in Europe. With the temperatures soaring to dizzying highs, events in summer are usually confined to indoor celebrations with little or no options for an outdoor event. However, the celebrations do not have to be undermined in anyway.

Some of the finest events and celebrations are hosted during the summer months with the best experiences offered to guests visiting and attending the events. The base principle here is that you can get value deals from hotels, venues, artists, entertainers and various vendors during the summer months. This leaves you with more savings to channel your expenditure towards enhancing the other areas of your event.

For events during summer, you could explore some of the grandest ballrooms, auditoriums or pre-set lounges for your celebrations. We suggest you identify your preferred properties and visit them for a thorough walkthrough to explore the venue possibilities in the property. Many a times, the hotel or resort may have indoor spaces that resemble an outdoor venue with sufficient daylight, gorgeous views and the right ambience.

Events during winters open up a large avenue of spaces that can be explored for your event or celebrations. Open terraces, garden lawns, golf clubs, beaches, poolside spaces and a whole lot more can play the perfect venue for your event.

Outdoor spaces generally are able to accommodate a much larger audience than you could with an indoor space since you’re limited within walls. However, this is subjective and could differ from venue to venue. In addition to this, some of the outdoor venues may come with their own set of stipulations on the sound restrictions or timings that you can hold your celebrations and events within. Be sure to check all details with the venue before signing up.

With a high demand for outdoor spaces during the pleasant months of the year, we suggest booking these spaces much in advance. Since these months are considered high season with events, you’ll notice that the prices generally seem to be higher as compared to what is offered during summer.

The nature of your event would help you arrive at a decision. If it’s a conference or a convention, indoor spaces during the summer could usually be the ideal.

Should it be a concert, wedding or a private celebration, you may wish to consider outdoor spaces during the winters.

Weigh your options, preferences and budgets to arrive at a decision that best suits your criteria.

Arun Bablani and Rahul Kumar are directors of Vivaah, an events management company in Dubai. Got a problem? Our fantastic panel of renowned experts is available to answer all your questions related to fashion, well-being, nutrition, finance and hypnotherapy. Email your queries to friday@gulfnews.com.