My wife and I will be attending a party with a close circle of friends. This is in continuation of the New Year’s festivities. What do you suggest I should wear?

To look aptly dressed for the event it would really depend on the kind of party you would be attending.

Cocktail parties are slightly more relaxed and although it’s not wrong to wear a complete black or navy blue suit, it may perhaps be a bit too formal and may look like something you would typically have as corporate wear in your wardrobe.

Our advice would be to wear darker suits with subtle patterns and muted colours. Wearing a plain dark-coloured jacket in shades such as black, navy blue or coffee-bean brown and pairing it with dark, patterned flannel trousers, since it is winter, will add character to the look.

Accessorising your look with a pocket square, which could have an element of colour matching your shirt, and a boutonniere in the lapel hole of your jacket, would add that dash of colour to the outfit. Depending on the formality of the event, one could opt to wear a necktie with a pattern on it. Or, to add a playful twist to the outfit, try a patterned bowtie.

Alternatively, one could also wear a subtly patterned or checkered jacket in a darker colour and pair it with dark, solid-coloured trousers. If the event is slightly less formal, one could also go open-necked with the shirt collar – but add a pocket square to add an element of formality.

A formal sit-down dinner followed by a ballroom dance would warrant one to wear a dinner suit or a tuxedo for the evening. It could be the traditional black one or you could also wear a suit in midnight blue with a black shawl or peak lapel. Typically you would wear a black or blue silk bowtie to complement the lapel on the jacket.

With a midnight blue tuxedo, you could pair it with the same blue trousers or make it even more interesting by wearing it with black trousers to complement the black lapel on the jacket.

A crisp white double cuffed shirt to be worn with cufflinks and matched with a straight-edged white pocket square would complete the look.

Ideally, one would wear whole cut glossy patent black leather shoes but 
it is also acceptable to wear plain black shoes with a tuxedo.

The most important thing is to be comfortable with what you wear so it comes across as an extension of your personality whilst still keeping the purpose of the event in mind.

Also, never forget your gentlemanly etiquette, especially when you have a lady by your side.

Pawan and Ashish Ishwar are tailors at Knights & Lords, a bespoke tailoring house in Dubai.