How can I remodel my home to make the most of the gorgeous weather now?

As the days get cooler, and even as we are still in the first month of the new year, decorative LED strong lights add that bit of festive cheer to the cool nights, while lanterns and candles can bring out the warmth.

Make the most of the outdoors

Whether you live in a villa or a town house, make the most of your porch and balcony during the UAE winter months. Set up garden furniture with comfortable seating and cushions to make it cosy for enjoying weekend breakfasts and brunches and barbeques in the outdoors. Gazebos, with wicker, rattan or wooden furniture, are perfect additions to a winter garden. Table-settings must include tall candles in ornate candelabras, rustic table runners, and tea-lights scattered across the dining space. And don’t forget the vintage style lanterns or bamboo torches to light up your outdoors.

Bring on the winter warmth

Adding colours in burnt oranges, and autumn shades can add a bit of warmth to the chilly winter months. Think chequered mustard and white table cloths or thin cotton curtains in deep orange-yellow. Even accents like photo frames or sofa throws in warmer colours can add some zing to the winter chill. Pair with some greens to give your space a natural seasonal lift. Or go vintage with rich emeralds and purples, then accent with brass. A quirky tip — use small blankets and woollen throws as table-cloths to add dimension and a cosy effect, but don’t forget to retain some winter whites!

Cosy conversations

Extra throws and pillows in warm and cosy fabrics make for comfortable long evening chats in winter. You could even change the carpet to a plush deep-pile rug for comfort and warmth underfoot. Use small blankets and woollen throws to dress up a leather sofa. Change bedding to velvets and faux fur cushions to add the luxe element.

Nature as inspiration

Look to nature for inspiration — choose organic patterns in sofas and cushions, and mix with rustic textures in throws to add visual interest. Banish winter blues by drawing on nature’s colour palette. Add a bunch of fresh fuchsia flowers and a throw in the same shade to a room to infuse a burst of colour into a drab winter morning.

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Refresh the windows

Add colourful sheers to allow the winter sun and breeze to come through, while full length drapes can help keep the draft out in the cooler evenings.

Accessorise with plants

Plants and foliage are your best friends in the cool winter months in the UAE. Bring them into every room to add a breath of crisp winter air to living spaces.

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