I love to overcome my fears. Hence, I have done the fastest rollercoaster rides, experienced the jump from mars at NASA and paragliding. However, the scariest thing I have ever done is the sea walking in Bali. As a person who doesn’t know how to swim and who has phobia of water, going 6m under the sea was not an easy task. Still, I did it. – Sunanda Mohan


Exactly a year ago, very hot tea fell on my neighbour’s child, who was a year old. Seeing the severe burns and the child crying was really scary. But the scariest moment was when I saw that the skin started rising up and that spot became really red. I almost had a nervous breakdown, but I could not cry because everyone would get panicked. – Jeroen Benny


I was home alone when suddenly dark storm clouds gathered, the rain started pouring heavily and suddenly the sky went silver as the lightning cracked. Boom! ‘Oh my, I have never seen such a thunderstorm,’ I whispered with horror. All of a sudden the lights went off; everything was pitch black and there I stood frozen, not knowing what to do. – Emaan Raza


It was an early morning in the month of December 2016 in Dubai, around 5am.

I was driving from my residence in Mankhool to Oud Metha Art Of Living Centre, for a morning yoga session, over Garhoud bridge.

It was unbelievably foggy that day and I was in two minds as to whether drive towards the Centre or return, and decided to move on ahead slowly.

Visibility was almost zero.

Instead of taking the Deira exit, I took the exit just before the Abu Dhabi one by mistake and somehow could make out that had entered the wrong one.

It was a narrow round stretch.

I still remember that I perspired on that cold winter morning while slowly turning the car, praying, straining my eyes and moving through the fog without any idea of what existed a few yards away.

By the Almighty’s grace, I soon was on the right path.

However, I vividly remember the scare and panic I felt for those few minutes before I hit the right road. – Manisha Baheti


The scariest thing I have done in my life is when I was studying my first semester of engineering at my home town where a cycle race was organised by the local authorities. Without any training, safety measures or equipment, I decided to participate in this thrilling race with full enthusiasm and josh. My mum was so scared of the event as it was held on a highway. I managed to convince my parents to let me participate. Finally, the day of the event arrived and I was geared up for the big event. I started of with full energy and all went well for 30km, enjoying every kilometre. Sweat was dripping all over my body and my energy levels started dropping and every breath was too hard.

But thanks to the encouraging and helping staff around I managed to complete the race successfully and safely.

Once the ride was over I couldn’t stand on my legs. My legs no longer supported my body weight. Now, as a mother myself, I feel the tension experienced by my parents.

This is one of the scariest thing I have done in my life and it became one of the most memorable events with the certificate well preserved and makes me feel proud to show it to my kids. – Matam Rajeswari


Forging my father’s signature on my marks memo. – Anuradha